About Us

The firm represents public and private sector clients in a wide variety of administrative and regulatory matters involving federal, state, and local agencies before all three branches of government: judicial, executive, and legislative.

Firm clients include local and county governments, public utilities, health care providers, trade and professional associations, corporations, and licensed professionals.

Subject matters include licensure, discipline, and scope of professional practice; health care regulation; labor and employment related matters (including civil rights, collective bargaining, contract administration, discipline and discharge, employment discrimination, labor arbitration, and pension/retirement); and general administrative and civil litigation.

Carson and Adkins limits the types of matters handled by the firm to further its mission of providing complete and in-depth service within its areas of practice. And, because the firm is able to respond to client needs in all three branches of government, comprehensive strategies can be employed for dealing with matters within the firm’s areas of practice.

Carson & Adkins handles many matters through a continuing, long-term client relationship whereby the firm becomes a member of the client’s management team. In those instances where clients have in-house counsel or have retained counsel to handle general matters, Carson & Adkins works in the capacity of special counsel to the client, and works closely with regular counsel.

The firm provides training for in-house client staff to competently deal with day-to-day concerns, thereby reserving use of outside counsel for crucial or complex issues. Much of the firm’s work is accomplished by correspondence, electronic mail, or telephone consultation.